Hello, I'm Peter
and I develop websites

Welcome to my digital playground! I am a passionate software engineer who finds joy in crafting immersive web experiences and bringing ideas to life through code. Beyond my professional journey in software development, I'm an avid game enthusiast. I spend some of my spare time creating games, of which a couple you can enjoy right here on this site. One title is also available on Steam! Check below to get started.



Many years ago I started messing around with developing games in my free time. First with tools like GameMaker, later with JavaScript and eventually with fully featured engines like Unity. While the quality of most of those early projects is mediocre at best, I think it's a vital progression curve to understand the scope of these projects. My current toolset includes Unreal Engine and resulted in me releasing my first official product: Vexius. Over the years I have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge to bring to the table, which I still try to expand every day.

Some of the things I currently use: