Welcome to my website! My name is Peter. This website is part of a hobby project, which slowly turned into much bigger entity with some cool features.

For quite a while I had a lot of interest in game and web development. Many years ago I was already messing around with early versions of tools which allowed you to make games. This doesn't really teach you how to program, but it helps with the thought process on how a game should be build up.

Quite a while later I decided it was time to take it a bit more serious and learn more about the subject. The choice fell on JavaScript games, as it is easy to learn and to share them with the world. This resulted in the creation of this website on October 21st, 2015. After a while this resulted in the release of my first game, with a couple more following in the months after.

Even though it was fun and informative to create these games: they were far from perfect and not professional. In the late hours after work I started to learn C#, creating 3D models and everything else related to it. After spending a lot of time on the project I'd like to present you the final result: Vexius. I have a lot of plans to update this game and maybe I will make more in the future. Stay tuned!